Halt Erosion. Conserve Water.

SoilSentry was developed, in cooperation with the USDA, as a breakthrough technology to improve soil retention and water infiltration in irrigation farming.

A Liquid Additive: Apply With Ease

Ideal for both spray and gravity irrigation systems. We recommend 10 gallons of SoilSentry per acre for fields with a slope of 2% or less, and 10-30 gallons for other conditions based on slope and soil type.

Quality is Critical

You can’t deliver quality crop yields unless you understand what is in your soil. That’s why we’re transparent about SoilSentry. Our product is safe for human contact. Access our Material Safety Data Sheet and state specific product labels below.

SoilSentry Product Features

Our technology is added to irrigation water and works as a flocculating agent to settle suspended soil particles and stabilize the soil. Benefits of SoilSentry include:

Prevents erosion, reducing topsoil loss and over time improving fertility of soil.

Bio-friendly and safe to handle, protecting your investment for generations to come.

Reduces the rate of infiltration loss, resulting in more efficient water usage.

Easy and reliable application saves time and ensures fields are properly treated.

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